Private Coaching with Michelle and Alyssa

Wellness Coaching: Life After SimplyFit



We’re here to help you easily transition into your life after the SimplyFit 28-Day Challenge and still keep up with the amazing progress you’ve made. We will take what you’ve learned and give you personalized recommendations in the area of food, nutrition, health and fitness.

Whether you’re looking to continue with your weight loss, maintain your current weight, get stronger and more efficient in your workouts, or simply need help with your meal prep and grocery shopping, we’ve got you. With two private, 30-minute calls (one with Michelle and one with Alyssa), you’ll get all  your questions asked and walk away with a plan in place to help you reach your goals.

  • 2 private coaching sessions
  • A 30 minute coaching session with Alyssa focused on food + nutrition
  • A 30 minute coaching session with Michelle focused on health + fitness
  • A personalized action plan to help you reach your health, nutrition + fitness goals


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